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The Short-billed Dowitcher is a large shorebird that breeds in southern Alaska and central Canada. It makes its way through Falmouth as one of the earliest southbound migrants. This Dowitcher has a long bill, dark cap, mottled gray, black, and brown upperprarts, reddish brown neck, and dark yellow- […]


The Common Tern is seen all along the coast in Falmouth in late summer. They are busy feeding their young and preparing for southern migration. This medium sized tern has gray upperparts, pale gray underparts, black cap and nape, black-tipped red bill, and red feet. They dive for small fish in bot […]


The American Oystercatcher is a large shorebird with white underparts, brown upperparts, black hood, and a long bright red bill. They are typically found along stretches of rocky shoreline. This adult Oystercatcher was recently seen near Wood Neck Beach. […]


The Savannah Sparrow is a small sparrow with gray brown upperparts, white underparts, and with heavy streaks on breast and sides. The head has a brown crown, pale central stripe, and yellow eyebrows. In Falmouth, the Savannah Sparrow is a breeding resident in coastal dunes, along the edges of salt […]


An elegant and graceful, long-necked duck, the Northern Pintail has very distinctive field marks and a long tail. During the winter months on Cape Cod, this dabbling duck is found mostly in local freshwater ponds. The Pintail has a pale, chocolate brown head, white neck and breast, gray back and f […]


These young Ruddy Turnstones lined up on a rock recently near Hadley Harbor like Olympians ready to receive their medals! This medium-sized shorebird has brownish upperparts, white underparts, dark marked face, short chisel-like bill, orange legs and feet. They are typically found on sandy and peb […]