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The Red-tailed Hawk is the most commonly seen local breeding hawk on Cape Cod. They are most frequently seen perched and waiting to pounce on prey. During the fall, these hawks are seen individually and in small groups soaring over large open areas. This juvenile Red-tailed, with broad wings and […]


The last of the shorebirds are coming through and closing out the fall migration for this group of birds. Young Black-bellied Plovers appear along Cape coastlines into late October. These plovers are medium-sized shorebirds with mottled gray brown upperparts, pale underparts, a dark bill and black l […]


The Semipalmated Sandpiper breeds in the lower Arctic regions and migrates along the Atlantic coast. During fall migration they are typically found along Cape Cod shorelines and mudflats. This small sandpiper has gray-brown upper parts, white underparts, a short black bill, and black legs. It fee […]


As the shorebird migration tapers off, it is still possible to observe smaller numbers of lingering migrants on their way south. The Least Sandpiper is found during fall migration along the coast, especially around tidal mudflats and coastal shorelines. This little sandpiper, with its brownish gra […]


This young Laughing Gull is a medium sized gull with a gray back, white underparts and neck, a grayish hood and dark bill with red highlights. The younger laughing gulls have not yet reached full adult plumage. These gulls are found on offshore islands and coastal shorelines around Cape Cod. Thi […]


Among the sparrows still being seen in the shrubby fields at Crane Wildlife Management Area on Rt. 151 is the Field Sparrow. They are common breeding birds on the Cape. By November, they move out of the area to wintering grounds in the south. This sparrow tends to stay near the ground in fields and […]