Welcome To the blog!

Welcome to the new Falmouth Birds blog where you will receive regular updates about local birds and birding in Falmouth, MA on Cape Cod!  The weekly bird photo and caption published in the Falmouth Enterprise will be posted.  Additional photos, expanded notes on the target species and helpful online links for more background information will be included. Use this blog to enhance your ability to learn about, locate, identify, and appreciate the many local and varied birds each season in the extended Falmouth area.  In response to feedback from many Enterprise readers as well as friends at The 300 Committee and Salt Pond Areas Bird Sanctuaries, this blog has been created to provide you with a valued resource for local birding and an easy to use online location for posting comments, questions, and feedback.  Finally, may you always be inspired by the awesome beauty and amazing grace of God’s winged creatures in their natural element.  Thanks for visiting and please return soon!