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One of the common migrating shorebirds along the coast in the fall is the Short-billed Dowitcher. They tend to feed on sand and mud flats and are also frequently seen foraging near the wrack line in the washed up seaweed. This Dowitcher has a long straight bill, brownish upperparts, variable spotti […]


The stream of migrating shorebirds continues on Cape Cod. Among the abundant fall migrants is the Semipalmated Plover. They are typically seen in groups on sandy beaches and shorelines while searching for food. These plovers have brown upperparts, white underparts, a black forecrown, a black brea […]


An uncommon shorebird was unexpectedly spotted in the middle of Great Sippewissett Marsh a few days ago. With the breeding season over, the fall migration is now underway. Many migrant shorebirds can be found along Falmouth beaches and marshes. The Marbled Godwit is a rare visitor in Falmouth. T […]


The Least Tern is another migratory bird that returns to local beaches each spring for the breeding season. They prefer long stretches of open, sandy beaches to lay eggs and raise their young. They feed mainly on small fish. The Least Tern is a smaller tern with gray upperparts, white underparts, […]


The American Oystercatcher is one of the most dazzling shorebirds found along the Falmouth shoreline. They return each spring, as early as the middle of March, from wintering grounds farther south. Oystercatchers are typically found along sandy beaches and salt marshes near tidal flats where they […]


The Grasshopper Sparrow is frequently seen atop an elevated perch in grassland settings. They are know to be very secretive, and has a buzzy, insect sounding song. Unlike other sparrows, the grasshopper sparrow has a plain buff colored breast, sides, and flanks. It has a large head, a dark crown wi […]