Both the common loon and the red-throated loon are common residents during the winter months. They are frequently found near to shore along the coast and in saltwater bays. The red-throated loon, above, is the smallest loon and usually swims very low in the water with its thin bill angled slightly upward. In the off-season, the red-throated is gray overall with a white speckled back and a white face. This red-throated loon was recently seen off Surf Drive in Falmouth. The common loon, below, is larger overall and has darker plumage compared to the red-throated loon in the off-season. The common loon is dark-brownish overall with red-brown eyes, a straight gray-black bill, a white necklace, a white breast and underparts along with a light black and white checkered back. This common loon was observed in Quissett Harbor.